I'm Tash :-)

Hi Guys!


I’m Tash. I’m one of a gazzilion Yoga teachers you will find in London who gave up their career in the professional/corporate world to pursue their dream of teaching Yoga. 


I’m a big fan of lists so here are some interesting, (and some not so interesting), things about me to help you negotiate whether I’m your kind of person/Yoga teacher. 


  1. I have a schnauzer (dog) called Dexter, he is the most adorable furry friend and I love the way he smells

  2. I really, really like eating. I especially like stuffing my face with spicy food and then binging on sugar to balance it all out

  3. I’m generally quite an optimistic person (or like to think I am)

  4. I’m really interested in Yoga to relieve stress (post-traumatic and everyday). You will probably find elements of stress relief in all my classes 

  5. I was born in Indonesia and moved here when I was 4. I pretty much grew up in London and feel most at home in this wonderful city

  6. I’m really close to my friends and consider them to be more like family

  7. I have a wonderful husband who is the kindest and also the funniest person I know

  8. If you like to laugh then we will probably get on

  9. I don’t take life too seriously and this is reflected in my classes - expect light-hearted sessions mixed in with some soothing movements 

  10. Controversial opinion but I don’t really believe in high-intensity exercise. I much prefer dancing or walking to get my heart-rate up

  11. I suffer from complex PTSD and I’m always amazed at how Yoga has helped me heal

  12. I have never watched a full episode of Game of Thrones or The Simpsons 

  13. I love watching Friends even though it is very much politically and socially outdated - perhaps a comfort thing?

  14. By very unpopular opinion, I actually think Ross is the funniest

  15. I have worked as a Primary School Teacher in London for years before I gave it all up

  16. I don’t miss teaching children whatsoever. I much prefer seeing all your adult faces each week

  17. I have often been told that I am a good listener but my husband would probably tell you differently :-O

  18. I’m all about the ‘fried rice for breakfast’ kind of life

  19. I find it hard to cry in front of people but I am working on it

  20. I love to hug. Especially a long and lingering one!

  21. I’m currently thinking whether you think I’m crazy for putting my ‘about me’ section into a list format?


Still unsure as to whether you want to take my class? Get in touch and we can have a chat and get to know each other a bit (no creepy messages please!). 

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